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UPC Documentation

Why do I need to purchase UPC codes? What am I paying for exactly? How do UPC codes work?

In Short: You are technically paying for the licensing rights to be able to legally assign those UPC codes to your products. When you see a product for sale in a store, the UPC code on that product had to be purchased by the manufacturer in order to legally have the rights to that UPC code number. What you are technically paying for when you purchase UPC codes is the 12-digit UPC number itself. The traditional barcode image with the vertical lines that you see on products is called the barcode image. The barcode image is generated from the 12 digit UPC code number. Each vertical line of a barcode image translates to a number from 0-9. When a cashier in a retail store goes to scan the barcode of a product, the barcode scanner is reading the vertical lines of the barcode image and converting those back into the UPC code number. Once this number is entered into the cashier's computer, the main store database sends back the data such as the price and name of the product. Without barcodes on products, imagine how long it would take to get through the checkout process? The invention of the UPC barcode has made the checkout process MUCH faster. Keep this in mind: The UPC code number (12 digits) is what you are paying for. The barcode graphics that you see on products is converted from the actual UPC code number. If you are caught illegally using a UPC number that doesn't belong to you, you are opening up yourself/company to a lawsuit from the owner of that UPC code. UPC codes are licensed from either a UPC reseller or GS1.


GS1 Vs.

We are asked on a daily basis from customers who are deciding on obtaining their UPC codes through GS1 or through us. The biggest factor to remember is that if you are planning on obtaining your UPC codes through GS1 is that they are "leasing" the UPC codes to you. When purchasing with GS1, you must continue paying your annual renewal fee or you will no longer have the rights to legally use those UPC codes. When purchasing with us, you "own" the UPC codes and there are NO renewal fees whatsoever. These are not the only factors in deciding who you should go with to obtain UPC codes for your products, please read the full article here: GS1 Vs.


Perfect for Physical Retail Stores

If you are planning on purchasing UPC codes to put your products in physical retail stores you'll also need master carton codes, also known as SCC-14 codes. Nearly every physical retail store will require for you to have a corresponding SCC-14 code for each product that you plan on selling in that retail store. Retail stores do not accept single items into their inventory unless it's a large item such as a trampoline or a powerwheels car. Therefore, you MUST have an SCC-14 code for the cases of products that are delivered to retail stores. Master carton or SCC-14 codes go on the outside cases of your products so they can be scanned into inventory in these stores. The store database will keep the quantity that each one of your cases holds. Then when a store clerk scans in each case, it updates the store inventory with the new quantities. The SCC-14 master carton code is a code that is converted from your UPC code number. The SCC-14 goes on the case of products and inside the case are the individual products with the corresponding UPC code. Is is important to understand that SCC-14 master carton codes work in conjunction with each other. Nearly ALL UPC resellers do not offer the ability to sell you SCC-14 master carton codes, which means you'll need to purchase with a company like us who offers them. We offer an affordable service to convert your UPC code to the corresponding SCC-14 master carton code which also includes all digital artwork in vector EPS and JPEG file formats. To learn more about our SCC-14 codes, please go here: Buy SCC-14 Master Carton Codes

How UPC Codes Work
Assign your UPC codes to your products in 3 easy steps:
  • 1
    Choose a Package

    Choose from one of the above UPC packages. Remember: You need 1 UPC code per product variation. This means that if you sell a shirt that comes in 5 sizes and 3 colors, you'll need 15 UPC codes for that shirt style. Each unique product requires a UPC code if it varies even slightly.

  • 2
    Buy and Download

    Upon receipt of payment(5 mins or less), your unique UPC codes will be delivered as an email attachment. Upon receiving your UPC codes, we also provide you with multiple barcode image generator tools to generate your barcode images in seconds!

  • 3
    Assign and Use

    For Amazon Users: Simply enter 1 UPC code per each Amazon listing you create. For Retail Store Users: Generate and Apply the barcode images to your products. You can have the barcode image printed directly on your product packaging or apply barcode labels.

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