Buy Authentic UPC Codes for Amazon

Notice! - Amazon has changed their UPC / EAN GTIN Requirements in 2016.

Are you an Amazon seller and need UPC codes for your products? Please make sure to read this article in it's entirety as it contains not only important information regarding using UPC codes on Amazon, but also our company policies regarding using UPC codes sold by us to you for use on Amazon.

The first question that you may have is do UPC codes sold by Instant UPC Codes still work for use on Amazon? The answer is....YES our UPC codes absolutely still do work for creating product listings on Amazon. So if our UPC codes still work, then what is the big deal with the new Amazon UPC / EAN code requirements exactly?

We have thoroughly tested the differences between the old requirements and the new requirements of using UPC codes on Amazon in 2016. While we have narrowed down every single change in the new requirements, we cannot publicly disclose the details. We will not disclose the details on our website and we will not disclose the details by phone or email support. The reason why these details cannot be disclosed is because of the 2016 UPC Amazon differences, we have made additional changes in our system and with our UPC codes which are trade secrets that need to be kept in-house and out of the hands of our competitors. The additional steps that we take prior to issuing your UPC codes to you is what ensures that your UPC codes will have a higher acceptance rate when using your UPC codes at Amazon. Our UPC codes are specifically optimized for use at Amazon. While we would love to provide the full and complete explanation of the 2016 UPC Amazon requirements to the Amazon seller community, it would only result in a negative impact for our business. Instead we will provide a few potential reasons of what/who the new requirements might affect:

- Are you a new seller at Amazon and have never created a product listing in Amazon's catalog?
- Is the brand name of the product that you are creating a listing for, part of Amazon's brand registry?
- Are you working with the Amazon EDI system? If you do not know what EDI means, then this doesn't pertain to you.

Do any of the above scenarios apply to you specifically? If so, that does not necessarily mean our UPC codes won't work for you.

So by now you are probably asking if UPC codes sold by anyone besides GS1, will work for Amazon currently? The answer is YES, UPC codes sold by us will still work for 90%+ of Amazon sellers. To know for sure whether our UPC codes will still work for you or not, here's what we recommend for you:

- We recommend placing a small order of either 1 or 5 UPC codes from us, then if you are able to successfully use those UPC codes, you can begin scaling up by purchasing larger UPC code orders from us.

- Once you purchase UPC codes from us, do not attempt to apply those UPC codes to your product packaging prior to creating your Amazon listings. First, create your Amazon product listing and if you are successful, you can then apply your UPC codes to your product packaging. Keep in mind that if you are not using FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), and you are shipping the products directly to your customers, then you are not required to have your UPC codes affixed to your products. If you are using FBA, then you are required to have the UPC code that matches your product/product listing affixed to your product.

What does Instant UPC Codes guarantee about UPC codes working on Amazon and does Instant UPC Codes provide support for UPC codes not working on Amazon?

- Our UPC codes are guaranteed to work on Amazon, while they may not work for you, they are guaranteed to be ready for use on Amazon. It is the customer's responsibility to test to see if our UPC codes will work for your specific needs. As for all UPC codes sold by us, all sales are final and cannot be cancelled or refunded as we have to legally assign the UPC codes to you/your company for use.

- Does Instant UPC Codes provide support for UPC codes not working on Amazon when trying to create new product listings? No, if you cannot get your UPC codes to work for creating new product listings on Amazon, then you will need to work with Amazon's seller support in order to get your UPC codes working in their system.

- Does Instant UPC Codes provide support for UPC codes that are conflicting with other products on Amazon or other issues not related to creating new Amazon listings? Yes, we do provide support for other Amazon related issues that are not a fault of the customer or Amazon and we will work with you until the problem is resolved.

- Will Instant UPC Codes issue a refund if I cannot create a product listing with UPC codes purchased through Instant UPC Codes? No, there are no refunds permitted for the sale of any UPC codes sold by Instant UPC Codes. This is why we recommend placing a test purchase of 1 or 5 UPC codes to ensure that they will work for your needs first.


We have worked extremely hard for the past several years in providing the highest quality UPC codes and customer support for getting your UPC codes to work for Amazon sellers. We have developed relationships with some of the largest UPC sellers worldwide and with many of the largest feed service providers that are integrated with Amazon's API to provide our advice and expertise. We have sold tens of millions of UPC codes to tens of thousands of Amazon sellers worldwide in over 100+ countries. Our main customer base of over 90%+ of our customers use their UPC codes for Amazon and we will continue to provide the highest quality UPC codes for use on Amazon until they no longer work. We continue to stay ahead of the curve and our competition by providing the highest quality grade of UPC codes possible.

It is extremely costly for small startups to be forced to purchase their UPC codes through GS1. These changes by Amazon may have been brought upon the seller community also due to the rise in scam UPC codes being sold on eBay causing legal issues for those using scam UPC codes, which in return caused additional headaches for Amazon. We cannot stress enough to stay away from non-legitimate UPC codes and we recommend only choosing a UPC provider, which has been validated by George Laurer (Inventor of the UPC Barcode) at the Authenticated UPC Registration Directory. If there is ever a time where our UPC codes do not work at all for use on Amazon, it would be clearly posted on many sections of our website. Until then, our UPC codes will still work perfectly for 90%+ of Amazon sellers.

If you have any questions or concerns not covered in this article regarding Amazon UPC codes, please don't hesitate to contact us.