Our Promise & Guarantee

Not all UPC codes and UPC resellers are equal. We are a company who stands behind our UPC codes.

It is nearly impossible to find a UPC code reseller who doesn't claim the phrase: "Our UPC codes are legitimate". While anyone can claim that their UPC codes are legitimate and legal, MOST companies who we have test purchased from DO NOT sell legitimate and authentic UPC codes. Since we don't go a single day without hearing how a customer of another company has fallen victim of scam UPC codes, we feel that we should explain further. It is extremely important for consumers to understand and grasp the reality of using fake UPC codes or scam UPC codes.

Found UPC codes priced more than 5-10% less than ours? Those are scam UPC codes.

Most consumers purchase UPC codes blindly by purchasing the cheapest UPC codes they can find. This is the biggest mistake that we see. We don't know of a single company who sells UPC codes cheaper than we do that sells legitimate UPC codes. If they did, we more than welcome you to tell us where you found the lower price for legitimate UPC codes and we'll gladly beat their price for the same UPC package by 10%. Sometimes legitimate UPC code resellers may be priced 5-10% lower than we are if they are running a sale, but if you find anyone cheaper than 5-10% less than us, the UPC codes are NOT legitimate. From 2012 through 2021 anyone priced more than 5-10% less than us has sold non legitimate UPC codes. We periodically place test purchases on other UPC resellers and keep all records to back this claim up.

Using scam or fake UPC codes - The Legal Issues

Most consumers feel protected in the case of purchasing UPC codes. However, using fake, scam or hijacked UPC codes can cause you and your company a mess of legal issues down the road. To help consumers understand the consequences, we will explain our process of how we handle UPC codes that are stolen, fake or hijacked from prefixes which we own the legal rights to sell from. If we were to catch you or your company using our UPC codes which we have not legally assigned to you, we charge $25 per UPC code. In some cases these situations are resolved for as low as $200 but we have filed legal damages against companies exceeding $5000+. In nearly every case we hear the same story: "But we purchased these UPC codes from a reseller, you'll have to file charges against them, not us". The problem is that the UPC code reseller that sold the scam/fake UPC codes NEVER used the UPC codes, YOU did. Until the scam/fake UPC codes are used, they are not stolen.

So what happens when a company simply refuses to pay us for the damages caused by using bad UPC codes? We file further legal documentation against the company and we go after their vendors specifically. Since our business is in the UPC industry, we can track down any vendors of a particular product in minutes. Once we provide our legal documentation to the vendor, the products are pulled from store shelves and/or online marketplaces. If the vendors did not remove these products from their stores, they would face further legal violations by our legal team. Not a single day goes by where we don't file legal charges against a company who is using non-legitimate UPC codes. This has become a main part of our day to day business now. Don't blindly purchase UPC codes. Research a company HEAVILY prior to purchasing.

If a company sold me fake UPC codes, can't I sue them?

Yes, legally if you were sold non-authentic UPC codes that you had to pay damages for, you could file legal charges for the damages you lost as well. However, have you ever tried serving legal paperwork to a fly-by-night company who operates off of eBay or a fly-by-night website registered in another country? It's nearly impossible to serve these fly by night UPC code sellers.

Our Guarantee & Promise

In the UPC code industry you won't find many UPC companies who make promises to you. However, we are a company who stands behind all of our products and we are willing to make multiple promises to each and every customer.

Our promises are:

- We guarantee to sell ONLY legitimate UPC codes from UPC prefixes which we have the full and exclusive legal rights to sell UPC codes from.
- We guarantee to only sell UPC codes from UPC prefixes which originated within the USA only. This is important as UPC prefixes purchased originally from other countries outside the USA were subject to different terms and conditions by the respective GS1 governing body within those countries. The terms and conditions of UCC/GS1 prefixes varies widely in different countries.
- We guarantee to register each and every prefix with the Authenticated UPC Registration Directory, prior to selling even a single UPC code from any particular prefix.

Verify the Legitimacy of a UPC code

So how do I verify that the UPC codes sold by InstantUPCCodes.com are truly legitimate?

As part of being a member of the Authenticated UPC Registration Directory we are required to submit legal documentation for each UPC prefix that we sell from. We have found that not all members of the directory have followed by providing their legal documentation for each prefix prior to selling UPC codes from that prefix. Since we submit all of our legal documentation to the Authenticated UPC Registration Directory for any prefix prior to selling any UPC codes from that prefix, you can immediately verify the legitimacy of your UPC codes by yourself. Lets imagine that you purchase any UPC code package from us right now and you want to verify that we have the legal rights to sell from that prefix. Here's how you verify the legitimacy of a UPC code:

1. Go to the following URL: http://authenticatedupcregistrationdirectory.org/work/search6.php

2. Enter any 12 digit UPC number that we sold to you into the " UPC Number ( 12 or 13 digits ) " field.

3. Then click on the "Search" button.

If you entered the correct UPC code number that we sold to you into the UPC number field you'll notice our company information appears after clicking the search button. This verifies that the UPC code originates from a prefix which has been validated by the Authenticated UPC Registration Directory for its authenticity.

How to Verify a Scam, Fake or Hijacked UPC code

Verifying whether or not you have a legitimate UPC code is just as easy as verifying if you received a scam, fake or hijacked UPC code. To verify if you have used or been using a scam, fake or hijacked UPC code, follow the same steps above. If no company info appears after entering the UPC code into the search, you are using a UPC code from a non-authenticated prefix.

At this point you'll want to demand that the reseller who you purchased from immediately register that prefix with the Authenticated UPC Registration Directory. If they are not able to do this, you'll want to immediately stop using those UPC codes and purchase from a legitimate UPC code reseller.


Purchasing UPC codes from a non-legitimate reseller can cost you hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in damages. Do your research and do business with respectable companies who have a good reputation and who are members of the Authenticated UPC Registration Directory. We are a company who is committed to providing only the highest quality UPC codes. Since you now know how to verify the legitimacy of UPC codes, you can always be rest assured of receiving legitimate and authentic UPC codes when you purchase UPC codes with our company. But, can you say the same for your current UPC code supplier?

Our advice: Do your research and purchase from a legitimate UPC code reseller. Test the authenticity of the UPC codes that they sell you after purchasing using the method above.