Recycled or Repurposed UPC Codes

Read below to learn more about recycled UPC codes.

From time to time we often have customers who ask us if we sell what are referred to as: "recycled UPC codes". The simple answer to this question is NO, we do not sell recycled UPC codes. Our guarantee is that we ONLY sell 100% unused NEW UPC codes.

We want to cover this topic in more detail as we feel the term "recycled UPC codes" shouldn't be used. We are not sure who the first person or company was to use the term "recycled UPC codes". We are not really even sure of the definition of "recycled UPC codes" as it could have multiple meanings. Our understanding of the term "recycled UPC codes" is that this means UPC codes that are once sold, are then re-sold again at a later date.

From a logical perspective any company who sells recycled UPC codes won't be in business very long. The reason for this is because if we were to sell UPC codes to you and then re-sell those codes to another customer at a later date, we would be in a sea of legal issues. Not only would legal issues rise overnight, but the amount of never ending amount of customer support would be unbearable to handle.

From our findings and test purchases of UPC codes from other resellers, we have not found any evidence of recycled UPC codes. Thinking about it logically, any UPC reseller could sell recycled UPC codes but they would be digging a grave for themselves at the same time.

In short: There is no need to worry about purchasing recycled UPC codes from any reseller. No one in their right mind would sell UPC codes to a customer and then re-sell those same UPC codes to another customer at a later date.

The real concern is regarding UPC code legitimacy. To learn more about our promise and to verify the legitimacy of a UPC code, please go here:

Our Promise - Verify UPC Legitimacy