UPC Code Registration (Optional)

UPC Product Data - Product Specification Syndication

Registering your UPC codes is an optional procedure and is not a requirement. If you are interested in registering your UPC codes, please make sure to read this article in its entirety, as there are very important details on this topic.

It is our professional recommendation that you should NOT register your UPC codes. After selling hundreds of millions of UPC codes to customers in over 160+ countries worldwide we have seen the problems that can be created from registering your UPC codes. To further understand let us first give you our explanation of what registering your UPC codes means:

UPC Code Registration Definition: Using a third-party website to enter your product details that will be associated with a particular UPC code number.

It may be confusing to many people of why you would not want to register your UPC codes. The main reason why we recommend that you do not register your UPC codes is because of UPC theft or otherwise known as UPC hijacking. Before we issue your UPC codes to you, we run them through multiple internal systems to ensure that no UPC theft or hijacking has taken place. Keep in mind that the UPC codes we sell vary in age between 15-25 years old. During that time many things can take place but we remove any previously stolen or hijacked UPC codes prior to assigning them to you. This ensures that upon you taking delivery of your UPC codes that you are receiving 100% perfect UPC codes.

What is happening is that there are groups of people and individuals who are using various UPC databases or UPC registration websites to steal UPC code numbers that have been registered at a UPC database website but not necessarily used at a particular online or retail marketplace yet. We will use an example to demonstrate what is happening:

Bob purchases a set of 10 UPC codes from Instant UPC Codes. Upon receiving his order he decides which UPC code he wants to use for each product.  He then comes up with all of the product details that will be associated with each UPC code such as size, dimensions, shape, color etc., he then goes to register his UPC codes at his favorite third party UPC registration website. Eventually within a few days or weeks after registering his UPC codes he then goes to use those UPC codes at Amazon, eBay or another online retailer only to find out that his UPC code is already associated with another product and he cannot use that UPC code with that retailer. Bob’s first thoughts are that “Instant UPC Codes sold me already used UPC codes”. However, the reality of it is that when Bob went to register his UPC codes without using them first, someone else found the UPC codes to be recently registered and used them before Bob was able to.

Fortunately for those of you that wish to register your UPC codes there is a way to circumvent these malicious activities from happening to your UPC codes. There is only one way to prevent from having your UPC codes stolen or hijacked but still registered. The way that you accomplish this is to first use your UPC codes at all of the retailers whether they are online or in retail stores first. This means you want to get all of your products for sale at these retailers before anything else. Then after your products that are associated with those UPC codes are already for sale at all of the online/retail stores of your choice, then you can go and register your UPC codes. If you still have a store or two in mind that you want to use the UPC codes at, make sure to use them first. We have tested multiple UPC registration databases and we have seen some UPC codes stolen in as little as just a few minutes later. It is important that you use your UPC codes at all of the retailers first and especially online retailers such as Amazon or eBay. The reason for this is because for the vast majority of UPC theft, the UPC codes are being used for specifically Amazon and eBay.

If you have already successfully used your UPC codes for all of the online/retail stores of your choice and you are ready to register your UPC codes, here is where you should go to, to register your UPC codes:


The main reason that people want to register their UPC codes is to have their products appear on cell phone apps for price comparison searches. After our extensive research on UPC code registration it is important to understand that this is an outdated marketing strategy. It may still be a useful tool for consumers who are comparing prices for some of the hottest top 100 products on the market at any given time, but anything outside of those top products will bring absolutely zero benefit to your sales or business. In the modern world that we live in, we use Google Shopping, Amazon and eBay for comparing prices. We have seen numerous price comparison by UPC code companies closing such as RedLaser (Owned by eBay) and other companies who have closed such as TheFind.com. As far as we are concerned UPC registration as a marketing or business strategy is dead. It has gone and is going the same way that “pagers” or “beepers” went in the late 90’s as cell phones began to become more affordable. This is not to say that price comparison shopping is dead, but UPC registration for price comparison as a marketing strategy is.

Price comparison shopping sites are very much alive and doing well. Sites like Google Shopping, Nextag, Pricegrabber, Shopping.com, Shopzilla and Bing Shopping are doing great. However, for those services you are paying to promote your items but you will also find great ROI (Return on Investment) when using those services. While UPC registration is free, it brings no return and will only be a waste of your time and can potentially put your perfect UPC codes at risk of being stolen. The risk to reward factor in registering your UPC codes makes it just not worth your time.