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This page is the index for all informational and how-to articles for UPC codes that we have published.

Each section below has categorized informational articles. As informational articles become available, they will be posted in the sections below. If you have any questions regarding UPC codes, we recommend that you read through the articles below, before contacting us. The articles below may answer any questions that you have in detail.

General UPC Code Information

How do UPC Codes Work? - This article covers the unique differences of UPC codes and Barcodes. It also covers in detail how a UPC code works from beginning to end. We recommend that EVERYONE read this article as it helps train your mind exactly why you need to purchase UPC codes. This article also showcases the reason why the innovation of UPC codes is essential in today's modern society.

How Many UPC Codes Do I Need? - The number of UPC codes that you'll need will be based on how your product line varies. This article covers in depth how to determine how many UPC codes that you'll need.

UPC Codes in Sequential Numerical Order - Not all companies issue UPC codes in sequential order. We are one of the few companies that still guarantee all UPC codes will be issued in sequential order. Read this article to learn more about sequential UPC codes.

Frequently Asked Questions - This article covers frequently asked questions by our customers. While these frequently asked questions are not a complete guide on how UPC codes work, they may answer a question or two that you may have.

Recycled UPC Codes - This article covers the topic of "recycled UPC codes". All our UPC codes that we sell are always guaranteed to be 100% unused NEW UPC codes. To learn more about recycled UPC codes, we recommend reading this article.

Step by Step UPC Guide - Are you a first time purchaser or new to assigning UPC codes to your products? This is a great guide which outlines a step by step process for getting started with your UPC codes whether you plan to put your products in retail and/or online stores.

GS1 Vs. InstantUPCCodes.com - Have you ever wondered what are the differences are between GS1 issued UPC codes vs. a UPC reseller's UPC codes? While we can't speak for the difference between other UPC resellers vs. GS1, you can read more about the differences of our company's UPC codes vs. GS1 UPC codes here.

UPC Code Registration - Registering UPC Codes - Registering your UPC codes is simple. This article explains how UPC code registration works and where to register your UPC codes if you wish. Registering your UPC codes with product data is optional, not a requirement.

List of Retailers who Accept / Don't Accept our UPC Codes - Our UPC codes are accepted at EVERY online marketplace / retail store worldwide besides 6 retail stores. Please read this article to learn more about the reasoning behind this.


Amazon UPC Code Information

How To: Using UPC Codes on Amazon - Basic - This informational article covers how to use your UPC codes when creating Amazon listings for your products. This particular article is a basic version for creating a basic listing. This article covers the listing process for 90% of all customers who use their UPC codes for Amazon. This does not cover how to create Amazon listings with multiple color and/or size variations.

How To: Fix "1 Character Left" Issue in Amazon Seller Central - This article explains how to resolve the "1 character left" issue when creating an Amazon listing in Amazon seller central. This issue came as part of a series of UPC related updates that Amazon performed on Oct. 20th 2014.


Information Regarding Our Company

Why Choose Us? - This informational article outlines the details of why you should go with us for your UPC code needs. Many of the specific details within this article are part of the reason we have become one of the Top 3 largest legitimate and authentic UPC code resellers worldwide. It is extremely important to choose a legitimate UPC reseller that will be there for you year after year. Our customers have hundreds of millions of UPC codes in active use in over 160+ countries worldwide.

Our Promise & Guarantee - This article explains our promise, guarantee and dedication to providing the highest quality UPC codes available. Most consumers believe that all UPC codes are equal, which is far from the truth. We also cover the legal issues that companies can be faced with if you purchase UPC codes from a non-legitimate UPC reseller. Most consumers don't realize that you can verify the legitimacy of your UPC codes, this article also provides a step by step guide to verifying your UPC codes for their authenticity.

List of Countries Our UPC Codes are Used - This is an ever-growing list of the countries where our UPC codes are used. We update this list frequently as it continues to grow. It is important to do business with an experienced UPC retailer who has a vast worldwide knowledge of UPC codes.

110% Price Match Guarantee - We were the first UPC company worldwide to offer a 110% price match guarantee. We stay competitive with our UPC pricing on a weekly basis and we will continue to offer this guarantee to anyone who finds a lower priced UPC package from a legitimate UPC reseller. Please read this article to understand the directions on how simple it is for us to match and beat another reseller's price.

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Instant UPC Codes Reviews - At Instant UPC Codes we believe that customer submitted reviews should come naturally. We do not offer our products for free in exchange for a review. We do not offer incentives such as discounts or coupon codes in exchange for reviews. Our reviews also only come from actual customers who have purchased our products only. We also do not spam your email begging for a review from you.

Our UPC Codes Policies / Terms & Conditions - Please visit this page to view our company's policies / terms and conditions. In order to place an order with us, you are required to accept these policies during the checkout process or the system will not allow you to continue. UPC code assignment is a legal matter as we are legally assigning UPC codes that we own over to you so that you are now the legal owner. It is important to understand our policies prior to purchasing with us.


UPC / Barcoding Tools

Bulk Check Digit Calculator - This tool allows you to generate bulk check digits for UPC codes, EAN codes and Shipping Container Codes. Every order that we assign at Instant UPC Codes already comes with your check digit numbers already provided. This tool is to be used primarily just for double-checking that your check digits are correct. This can sometimes happen where you use a tool that requires you to remove the check digit and later you may need to add it back.