Full List of Approved Online / Retail Vendors

Full list of approved online / retail stores who accept UPC / EAN codes from InstantUPCCodes.com

Our UPC codes are accepted EVERYWHERE worldwide. Instead of putting a list together of every retailer that accepts our UPC codes, it's easier to list the very few companies which will NOT accept UPC codes sold by our company. Currently there are only 6 retail stores which will not accept our UPC codes. Those retail stores are:

- Walmart (Our UPC codes work great for Walmart.com, but they will not work for putting your products in physical Walmart stores.)
- Sam's Club
- Kroger
- FredMeyer
- Macy's
- Bloomingdales

The logical first question you may have is WHY won't these companies accept UPC codes sold by our company? The answer to this is fairly simple. If you were to apply to get your products in to any of the above 6 retail stores, those stores would ask for your GS1 company prefix certificate. The above 6 retail stores have partnered with GS1 so when you apply you would be requested to supply your GS1 company prefix certificate to the retail store who requests it. In order to obtain a GS1 company prefix in your company name, you'll need to apply directly with GS1. However you'll need to make sure that you keep paying the GS1 annual renewal fee which varies in price depending on your company, revenue etc.. If you do not pay the annual renewal fee, you lose the legal rights to use their UPC codes on your products and your products will soon be pulled from those retail stores.

When purchasing your UPC codes through us, there are no renewal fees, hidden fees or any other type of fees associated. It is a one-time payment only and you legally OWN your UPC codes for life.

Our UPC codes are GUARANTEED to work at ALL online and retail stores worldwide besides those 6 retail stores listed above. We have customers in over 65+ countries worldwide and this list is ever growing.

For more information between the difference of our UPC codes and GS1 UPC codes, please view: GS1 Vs. Instant UPC Codes